Cable Jointing Kits

Cable Jointing Kits are manufactured as per specifications approved by the Department Of Telecom – Govt. of India for jointing of Telephone cables of 5 pairs to 1200 pairs. We provide these Jointing Kits for Telecom Industry, which comprise of expanded and coasted sleeves furnished with stainless steel channels and retaining clips to give cylindrical shape to the sleeves. Other accessories like Aluminium Canisters, Branch Off Clips, Sheath Connectors, Adhesive Aluminium Tapes etc., are supplied with the kits and neatly packed for delivery.


Jointing Kits are primarily used in termination and jointing of Jelly filled Telecom Cables.
Products are highly suitable for enclosed, unpressured underground cable installations

Simple in installation
Highly resistant to extreme temperature, atmospheric pollution & weather conditions
Highly resistant to fungus, corrosion, moisture & ultra violet rays.
Hot Melt Adhesive Lining inside the sleeve provides excellent waterproofing property.

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