Quality Policy

“We strive to give our customer a quality product at competitive prices backed by timely deliveries and services for the customer’s satisfaction.”
Nagreeka Foils Ltd is fully committed to quality. Our overriding objective is to put the customer first in every aspect of our organisation. By constantly reviewing and updating of our processes, we endeavour to offer products and services anywhere in the world that meet the highest international standards of quality and reliability and satisfy customer’s requirements and expectations.

At Nagreeka Foils, we believe that the drive for total quality throughout the business is vital to future growth, development and success of the company.

To realise this, it is the policy of the Management Team to ensure continuous improvement in all aspects of the organisation. This is accomplished by setting realistic and measurable quality objectives, by providing the appropriate resources necessary for the achievement of quality and by equipping employees with the competencies necessary to achieve these objectives. We are committed to monitoring the effectiveness of our systems by reviewing the customer experience through customer and market feedback for the development of products and services supported by customer satisfaction review.

Nagreeka Foils is committed to maintaining a quality management system that not only meets the needs of its customers, and fully complies with the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems international standard, but also adds measurable value to the company.  The company also aims to ensure compliance with all industry related standards, legislation and internationally recognised standards of approval.

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