Renewable Energy

As India moves towards rapid economic development, energy scarcity is becoming a critical barrier that could threaten the development process. Poor quality coal and high oil import burden are major concerns for the energy sector. Add to this, the global and local environmental effects of the increased use of fossil fuels. It is clearly an enormous challenge to fuel economic growth in an environmentally sustainable way. The role of renewable energy sources has to be seen in the context of this challenge.

Out of the commercial renewable energy sources so far identified in India, wind energy has found to be one of the most promising for generation of grid quality power. Energy potential in the country has been estimated at 20,000 MW.  Further, the state of Maharashtra is one of the Indian states who’s geographical features and government policies give it immense potential for generation of wind power.

Nagreeka Foils Ltd. has established wind power projects of 1.20 MW and 1.25 MW in Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra, and in Dhulia District, Maharashtra, respectively. These projects will contribute to the sustainable development of the region and will generate 2.102 GWh of electricity per year, each. The projects are completely environmentally friendly, as they do not emit any harmful gases or chemicals into the atmosphere, unlike a fossil fuel power plant. In fact, each project will offset 1904 tons of CO2.

Given its success with these projects, the Nagreeka Group is actively evaluating new opportunities to broaden its presence in the field of renewable energy.

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